Saturday, May 3, 2008

aBoUt mYsElf...

Talking 'bout myself....
My name is Marcus Law..
I was borned in 1996(12 years old),at the PMC hospital
Im now studying in Keat Hwa (H),6UM(1st class)
Haiz~im goin to sit for my big exam..
But im gonna study hard to get a good result..
I have a father,mother and a sister..

I was borned in a christian family..
Since i was young, i was on fire for God
'Til now,im joining the Trinity Baptist Church
Our church is doin many ministry which is known by many ppl..
We are most at the children ministry(Superkidschurch)
We have the meeting called "Enrichment Week"
I believe many ppl had join this meeting..Many.
We teach the participant how to conduct a children church..
When i first join the Enrichment Week,i helped to perform many dances
Our pastor -Pastor Clarine Chun is the head of this system
Many ppl are impressed by we children that perform the dances..
They were also deeply touched by the word of God spoken by Pastor Clarine

Im a very active boy..
I play alot during holidays...
When my friends come,the house will be overturned..haha..
Because of that,my dad is worried to let me join any outdoor activities..
Like this year,our school has a trip to Sarawak,Malaysia..
My dad wont allow me to join it..
Although im a lil' angry..
But my dad told me he's bringing me somewhere else
That made me happy...
So,i need to be a good boy so tat i can gain the trust of my dad


chinjie said...

Marcus so good boy!